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User-centric but also eco-centric, our approach establishes the foundation for a responsible, strategic, circular and holistic design process ; making product life cycle relevant again.


Holistic observation.

  • Identify the unmet needs from the target users.

  • Holistically consider the ecosystem around the life cycle of the solutions.

  • Understand the competition with horizon scans.

  • Acknowledge trends and technologies.

  • Engage field researches and user interviews.

  • Build moodboards, journey maps to distill thoughtful opportunities.


Sustainable ideation.

  • Transform opportunities from the unmet needs into tangible concepts.

  • Create circular economy models.

  • Conduct problem solving and co-creation sessions.

  • Define and enhance the user experience.

  • Establish strong values and design principles.

  • Sketching and modeling to visualize early concepts and scenarios.

Keyshot renders

Desirable creation.

  • Evolve concepts into iconic and memorable design language.

  • Strengthen the storytelling for future marketing purposes.

  • Organize an expression workshop.

  • Build high fidelity 3D files and renderings.

  • Prototype the solution.

  • Generate the brand experience.


Conscious delivery.

  • Source the right materials and manufacturing processes.

  • Follow-up with manufacturers to adjust the DFM, the BOM cost and the pricing target.

  • Establish learning loops by testing, learning and adjusting.

  • Create conscious CMF guide.

  • Build product roadmap and life cycle.

  • Optimize for reuse, recycle, disassembly, repair, less and better materials.

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